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A Self-Love Reminder

Self-Love Reminder

Have you ever found yourself second-guessing your ability to achieve your dreams? Or maybe you’ve compared yourself to another person which left you feeling inadequate?

You are not alone. I get it. In fact, I’ve been there. 

As a human, we can be our harshest critiques, and be too hard on ourselves.

But there’s a way to turn everything around; and a way to show yourself self-love and compassion.

When you catch yourself in the “I can’t” mentality, you have the capability to choose love over fear. You are capable of flipping the switch and bringing yourself back into alignment with your highest good and purpose at ANY point in time. You just have to make the intention.

Remember, you ARE worthy; in fact, you are unlike any other person. Why? You are a unique being with your own authentic truth.

You have gifts and a purpose that are needed today; not tomorrow, not some time in a few years, but today. You, at this moment, are exactly what is needed at this time.

Your path will be different than everyone else. There is no need to compare yourself to others because their story is very different from yours. But trust me when I say this, you are worthy, and you are capable of achieving your dreams. They are your dreams for a reason. And it’s time for you to step into your power.

You are a physical, spiritual and energetic being. So whenever you are feeling unsure of you or your abilities, or you catch yourself being too hard on yourself, take the time to remember who you are.

You can do this by creating or buying yourself a self-love reminder.

A self-love reminder can be anything that reminds you to show yourself some love and compassion when you are too hard on yourself. And it can be something that reminds you of just how wonderful and gifted you are. Below I share two of my self-love reminders:

This picture is my reminder to myself that I like and love me; ALL of me. Not just my strengths, but my weaknesses and quirks too. I accept me for who I am.

It hangs in the bathroom, where I see it first thing every day. So whenever I catch myself doubting my abilities, I take a look at this picture and remind myself that I am exactly where I need to be. It reminds me that I am worthy, and I can do anything I put my mind to. I am enough in all moments.

This picture was purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Picture taken by Rory & Scout

And this is my aura painting by Rory & Scout. This aura painting reminds me of my gifts and my purpose. It represents who I am. And whenever I look at it, I remember just how gifted, strong, powerful, and capable I am.

An aura painting is a reflection of the inner you, which makes it the perfect reminder of your gifts.

I would highly recommend an aura reading and painting by Rory & Scout. I felt that the reading was very accurate, and the painting is absolutely beautiful. In fact, I hung mine on the wall right next to the bed. So whenever I open my eyes in the morning, it’s right there.

Remember to be kind, gentle, and to show yourself compassion.

We all have productive and unproductive days. And we all need a self-love reminder from time to time.

By choosing to begin your day with a self-love reminder, you will remember just how amazing you are despite the day’s events.

I’d love to hear about any self-love reminders you use.

Ps. Check out Embracing the Real You Without Makeup for more on self-love.

With Love,

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    March 21, 2017

    A good reminder! Thanks – so often it is difficult to take time for myself away from kids and family and think about my own individual gifts and purpose.