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THE Plant-Based Meal Plan

Plant-Based Meal Plan

Have you been thinking about switching up your diet to a more balanced menu? Perhaps you feel tired and lack energy. Or maybe you are just trying to eat healthier.

I’ve been there. I used to feel tired most of the time. The fact is, I didn’t like to eat meat. And at meal times, I would only eat a couple of small bites; which isn’t going to do much for you. I wanted to make the switch to a plant-based balanced diet. But I didn’t know how to support myself without meat protein. So began the new adventure.

This switch did not come all at once; it took many steps. In fact, I made up a free e-guide called 5 Tips to Assist with the Transition to a Plant-Based Diet; check it out to grab your copy.

When I finally switched my diet over to a plant-based diet, I changed my way of living. I now feel energetic, more productive, and alive.

Today I wanted to share my new favourite plant-based resource – a plant-based meal plan.

Introducing Happy Herbivore’s Meal Mentor!

Photo by Happy Herbivore Inc.

“Skip the guesswork, calorie counting and stress with a perfectly balanced menu already created for your busy life.” -Lindsay

Each week you are sent a plant-based meal plan. It includes recipes for a family of four (which is perfect for two people who love leftovers for lunch) and for individuals. You also receive a couple of bonus recipes every week.

The meal plans are gluten-free and soy-free friendly. The recipes are 100% plant-based. No dairy, eggs, or animal products.

A couple of my favourite recipes so far include the banana french toast, fajita fries, and samosa lettuce cups.

Plant-Based Meal Plan

Fajita Fries. Photo by Happy Herbivore Inc.

The meal plan comes with an easy to use grocery list, which helps prevent waste or impulse purchases. The meal plan also tells you what meals or parts of meals that you can prep in advance. You can take one day to cook all of your meals for the most part for the week. So when you have a long day at work and don’t feel like cooking when you get home, it’s pretty much ready to go.

There is also an exclusive member library which includes free holiday books and hundreds of seasonal recipes (a $285 value). It even includes a camping recipe book in the member library; which is perfect for me, because I love camping.

I signed up for Meal Mentor, and I love it. It helped take out the guess-work to figuring out what type of meals to eat when starting out.

I would highly recommend this plant-based meal plan.

With Love,

Don’t forget to snag your free copy of 5 Tips to Assist with the Transition to a Plant-Based Diet

Plant-Based Diet

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Please note: I am not a medical practitioner. Please consult your medical practitioner if you are considering changing your diet to see if it’s right for you.