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Mother Earth and Plastic-Free Living


“The trees are our lungs, the rivers our circulation, the air our breath, and the earth our body.” – Deepak Chopra


We ALL live on Mother Earth.

Mother Earth supports and provides for us by giving us food, water, shelter, and physical life. She provides us all the tools for us to heal ourselves; for all we really need is in nature. Mother Earth is our home during this lifetime; she is the container that holds us all.

I wish I could say that we have been very supportive of Mother Earth in return. But the truth is, we haven’t. And if we don’t change our ways, we will continue to damage THE thing that supports our physical lives.

Unfortunately, with the ease and availability of materials that are non-biodegradable and designed for one-time use, we have become a throw-away society.

For example, you go on a road trip and stop at the gas station along the way. You purchase a bottle of pop for everyone in the vehicle. An hour later you throw out those plastic pop bottles.


The Truth About Plastic

Did you know that plastic never biodegrades?

Plastics are toxic, unstable, and made from non-renewable resources. And they stick around for pretty much forever.

Plastic accumulates over time and affects our ecosystem and harms various life forms.

Did you also know that most plastic doesn’t even get recycled? It’s true, a lot of it gets thrown out in the garbage.

“Americans use 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour. Plastic marine debris affects at least 267 species world-wide, including mermaids.” – Save The Mermaids


The World Needs You

Perhaps you are thinking that what you do won’t change anything. And I say, that’s just not true.

Just like our life is created entirely of small moments taking place in the present. Every action we make adds up. Every moment builds upon each other and creates our lifetime. Every action ripples out and makes an impact on this planet. You CAN start making a difference today. You CAN be the change you wish to see in the world.

Our planet is a living being. And every living thing has a consciousness. It is through this universal consciousness that we are all interconnected.

The Plastic-Free Commitment

Will you join me in making the commitment to going plastic-free?

Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds. But there are steps you can start taking today, to start making a difference. Every single thing adds up. Why do you think we have the addition system?


Five steps you can implement today to start your journey towards plastic-free living:


Plastic-Free Have a plastic water bottle-free home

If you already haul your water to work in plastic water bottles, why not haul your water from a water cooler in re-usable water bottles. This may sound so simple, but it makes a huge impact.

The Save the Mermaids organization have some cool 32oz reusable glass waterbottles available, check them out.


Say no to the bag!

We have a choice when it comes to taking a plastic bag home with us. And we CAN say NO to the bag. We have that right.

I’m talking bags from absolutely anywhere – stores, drive-thrus, you name it.
For example, craving that chocolate chip muffin from Tim Hortons? Tell them at the speaker that you do not want a bag! You are most likely going to eat that muffin on your drive in the next few moments anyway. And if not, carry a plastic container in your vehicle for times like these. Say no to the bag.

Picking up some office supplies at Staples? If you carried those items in your two hands to the counter, why take a bag to get them to your vehicle? Say no to the bag.

You get my drift! Right?


Plastic-freeGet reusable bags

If you need a bag, bring reusable bags with you into the store.

You’ve probably seen how much the plastic grocery bags add up under your sink. As I stated before, everything does truly add up. By bringing reusable bags to the grocery store, you are making a positive impact. Plus, most grocery stores sell reusable bags today. Take advantage of that!

Also, resist grabbing those plastic bags on the roller in the grocery store. Your fruit and vegetables made it to the grocery store without being in those separate clear plastic bags. You can put them in your cart and reusable bag as is. You will be washing them anyway (I would hope).


Plastic-freeOpt-out of receiving straws and plastic lids

If you must purchase a drink from somewhere, you can opt-out of receiving a plastic straw and lid. Just let them know.

You can add a reusable straw in your to-go bag in your vehicle along with your water bottle, and plastic container for drive-thrus.


Plastic-FreeSupport local eco-friendly shops and restaurants

Do you know how many businesses I’ve been to recently that don’t recycle? It was shocking. I ended up taking my recyclables home with me to ensure they get recycled.

If you have a choice, support businesses that are conscious of Mother Earth and their environmental impact.

If a restaurant doesn’t allow you to bring your reusable mug or bottle to receive a drink to go, maybe find one that does. There are many options out there.

Two of my favourite places in Winnipeg, Manitoba that are earth-conscious are Boon Burger (the only fully vegan restaurant in the city), and Crampton’s Market (local and organic produce). Shout out to both of them! I’d love to see more places like them.

There you have it! Five steps you can implement today to start your journey going plastic-free. Believe me; these steps will make a difference

Remember, it’s a WE, not a ME. Change starts with every one of us and ripples out. What will you decide?


I’d love to hear about any ways you reduce plastic in your life! Please comment your secrets below.


With Love,

Awakened Soul Perspective

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