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Hello Beautiful Soul!

About Awakened Soul Perspective

About Awakened Soul Perspective

Awakened Soul Perspective is a website with a mission of inspiring and empowering Awakened Souls from around the world to live their lives embracing their true selves and to follow the path of the heart.

We believe that everyone can live the life they dream of. 

That being said, the path called life isn’t always a straight one; there will be ups & downs, curves, u-turns, and times in the unknown.

Even more, the path of the heart isn’t always the most comfortable path either. As you move forward, you are constantly changing, healing, evolving, shedding layers and masks, and venturing into the unknown. At times the only way to move forward is to push through your fears and to lean into your discomfort. Easier said than done right?

It’s a path that takes courage, determination, self-love, and faith. But it’s a path that will take you to places you never knew you could reach.

It’s the path to your dreams. For your dreams, are your dreams for a reason.

You are not alone on this journey. Many people are awakening today to their true selves (physical, spiritual, energetic) and have started taking steps in the direction of their hearts.

We are there with you. We support you. We love you.

Through this website, we hope to shed some light on this lifelong journey with you.

Help us to weave the Divine Feminine back into everyday life.

“Shadow work is the path of the heart warrior.” – Carl Jung

About Awakened Soul Perspective

About Awakened Soul Perspective

Our beliefs and values can be found in everything we do. 

About Awakened Soul Perspective

Truth Seeker

We believe that you should seek the truth that speaks to your heart.

If it doesn’t feel true, leave it behind. Keep the things that resonate with you.

By following the path of the heart, you will constantly be filtering and letting go of things no longer serving you.

No two paths are the same.

About Awakened Soul Perspective

Authentic You

You are a unique being with a unique perspective.

We are here to help you embrace the real, whole you.

We value honesty, authenticity, and integrity.

We encourage you to be yourself. We respect you no matter where you at on your path.

About Awakened Soul Perspective

Finding Your Inspiration

We believe that anything is possible when you have inspiration on your side.

We hope to inspire you and help you on your way through our posts, videos, social media, sessions, and classes.

Awakened Soul Perspective

The Path of The Heart

If you don’t know what to do next, listen to your heart.

What would bring you joy at this moment? Do that.

Your interests are yours for a reason.

We believe that when you follow the path of the heart, you will get where you need to be.

About Awakened Soul Perspective

Learning Opportunities

The world becomes a more magical place when we change our perspective.

We believe that every experience, whether positive or negative, is a learning opportunity and a chance for you to grow.

Look for the lesson, and see how your perspective on the world changes.

Choose to view life through a different lens, and you will move miles ahead.

About Awakened Soul Perspective


We believe in a healthy Mother Earth and are always seeking for ways to be more supportive of her.

Every change you make in your life to be more eco-friendly, no matter how small, makes a difference.

Change starts with you. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

A portion of all proceeds made on the website is donated to eco-friendly charities to promote environmental health.

About Awakened Soul Perspective

It’s a We, not a Me

You may ask yourself “what difference can I make, I’m only one person?”

YOU have the capability to change the lives around you. And that my friend, ripples out.

You are not alone. We are walking the path of the heart along with you.

It’s a WE, not a ME.

Together, collectively, we can make a difference.

About Awakened Soul Perspective

We are here to inspire and empower you on your journey. Here are the types of things you will find going on here:

  • Blog: we publish monthly content on various topics – including crystals, self-love, books, spiritual tools, self-healing, eco-conscious, etc –  to inspire and empower you on the path of the heart. Read the latest here.
  • Healing Sessions: Sara is a Certified Crystal Healer & Reiki Master offering Crystal Healing, Reiki, and Space Clearing Sessions. These sessions are designed to help you on your journey as an awakened soul on the path of the heart. Learn more about the sessions here.
  • Book Club: an online book club for all Awakened Souls. A place to talk books that have inspired and helped you on your way. We have a quarterly book reading and discussion. To learn more check out The Awakened Soul Book Club.
  • The Path of the Heart Newsletter: to receive our newsletter including latest news, posts, resources, offers, and insights, sign up here! By signing up, you will receive a free e-guide – 5 tips to assist with the transition to a plant-based diet. Plus, you will receive a 10% discount code towards your first session with Sara!
  • Facebook Page: our Facebook page is a place where we share inspiration and recent blog posts. Check out our page here.
  • Book Recommendations: a recommended reading list of all the books that have helped Sara’s soul grow. New books are added as more are read and loved. For book inspiration, check out the list here. 
  • Classes & Workshops: Coming soon, stay tuned!

About Awakened Soul Perspective

There are a number of ways for you to get involved with Awakened Soul Perspective…

  • Contribute: if you’d like to write an article for the website that you think awakened souls following the path of the heart would love to read, please contact us at contact@awakenedsoulperspective.com with your content ideas or how you’d like to contribute, and we’ll be happy to discuss this with you!
  • Share your story: we love publishing inspiring stories about your journey following the path of the heart. If you’d like to share your story on the website, please contact us at contact@awakenedsoulperspective.com
  • Reviews: if you’d like to send us a book or item for review, please contact us at contact@awakenedsoulperspective.com with the details. Sara loves reviewing books for authors.
  • Sponsorship & Advertising: If you would like to sponsor a post on a particular topic or are interested in advertising on awakenedsoulperspective.com please contact us at contact@awakenedsoulperspective.com
  • Business, media, and collaborative inquiries: please contact us at contact@awakenedsoulperspective.com

Thank you for thinking of us! We look forward to working with you.


About Awakened Soul Perspective

How did I get here?

I graduated university with a honours degree in criminology. I then went for my private pilot’s license.

As I always say: One of the best feelings in the world is being in the air by yourself. Looking down you see the world through a whole different perspective.

Since I was a child, I’ve had experiences with the spiritual world. But without a mentor or someone who could shine light on the spiritual side of life, I was scared of the unseen. As much as I could throughout the years, I would “close the door” to my spiritual side; closing myself off from my true self.

A few years ago, I was in a car accident. I was in the hospital with a rare illness for nearly 7 months altogether. That experience marked the beginning of my awakening. And so bloomed more learning (and I mean, I’ve constantly been learning and taking courses since that time), and finally this website and business.

As a spiritual, energetic and physical being, I now embrace all of me. 

I am a writer, teacher & healer.

I’ve lived in Ontario, the Yukon, New Zealand, and Manitoba. Every place you live, you learn to love in a different way. 

Some of my favourite things in life are writing, travel, meditation, reading, my cat, kombucha, and lap swimming.

About Sara

We all have a story to share that can help and inspire others on the path of the heart. We would love the opportunity to share your story on the website. Together WE can make a difference.

We look forward to hearing about your experiences.

With Love,

Awakened Soul Perspective

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Photos by Reanne Berard