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Welcome Beautiful Soul

Awakened Soul Perspective is a website with a mission of inspiring and empowering Awakened Souls from around the world to live their lives embracing their true selves and to follow the path of the heart.

Earth Spirit Connection: 3 Steps before connecting with spirit

Connecting with Spirit

Interested in meditating, doing healing work, reading cards, or looking to receive spiritual guidance in general from your spiritual team? Whatever it is, when you are working with spirit, there are three important steps to take anytime you intend to connect with spirit. These steps will not only create a clearer connection, but they will also serve

The Heart Centred Entrepreneur Podcast Featuring Awakened Soul Perspective

Heart Centred Entrepreneur Podcast

Last week I was invited to be a guest on the Heart Centred Entrepreneur Podcast by Melanie McCaw. Melanie McCaw is a Transformation Coach helping women transform their lives by building heart-centred businesses. The Heart Centred Entrepreneur Podcast is a place where Melanie and her guests share insights and takeaways on how to run a